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February 17, 2014
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Military Communications

While billions of dollars are being spent by the US, UK, Australia, India, NATO, Brazil and others to produce better tactical radio systems, this Israeli startup has gone and created a revolutionary tactical communications solution, free of the failings of today’s technologies. Military communications development budgets are vast – 17 billion dollars were spent in 2012 on tactical radio solutions alone. Superior communication is as important a tactical advantage as having the best tanks, guns and warplanes. Despite the massive funds invested to create a next generation tactical radio that can give high quality continuous transmission, the complexity of the task at hand has caused many development projects to be cut or scrapped before reaching their goals.

This company has developed a unique and patented technology using narrow band radio and efficient mathematical and networking algorithms. They have gone and produced a radical product that empowers existing communications networks with a technology that meets the operational requirements others are still dreaming of. They have created a buzz amongst some of the world’s most significant military organizations.

The founders are seeking suitable partners to assist in establishing sales channels for existing products, expanding business development, to fund initial manufacturing processes and to     continue with R&D activity.


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