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October 2, 2018
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Bringoz – Complex Logistics Infrastructure, Democratized

It is a well-known fact that Georgia is one of the top logistics hubs in the U.S., and as locals know, activity is reaching new heights thanks, in large part, to the adoption and growth of eCommerce. For consumers, eCommerce is a blessing. Today’s empowered, smart phone-equipped consumer demands to engage with retailers when they want, where they want, and how they want. They expect the retailer to get them the product they want quickly, no matter where it is physically located. If they can’t get fast service from one retailer, they’ll quickly move on to another.

As consumers demand speedy and inexpensive shipping, the transportation industry is pressured to deliver these expectations. Consumers expect shipping to be as quick and easy as the online shopping experience, but the logistics are more complicated than that. Except for Amazon, Shippers & Carriers are lacking logistics technology, and therefore unable to provide a customer-centric delivery experience while remaining efficient. Every enterprise with goods and services that need to be delivered must ensure that they can match Amazon’s logistical capabilities within the next few years.

To that end, Conexx member, Bringoz, has created technology to enhance accessibility for Shippers & Carriers to streamline operations, scale and maximize efficiency, and provide an end-to-end fully automated solution for every Commercial transaction, which ends with a delivery and a satisfied customer. Bringoz is a leading logistics platform providing Shippers & Carriers the technology to build a robust delivery infrastructure. Thus, Bringoz enables them to compete in today’s demand-driven landscape, as well as comply with the heightened demands for agility, flexibility, and speed. The Bringoz SaaS platform answers the needs of a complex logistics operation, to build and scale a flexible infrastructure utilizing all available assets, designed to maximize efficiency and lower operating costs.

When contemplating where to open their first U.S. office, Bringoz decided on Atlanta due to the state’s positioning as a logistics hub with a growing technology and startup sector, and also because of the famous Southern hospitality. Conexx is proud to have Bringoz as a member from the start of their U.S. journey, and the relationship shows how Israeli business can benefit from the expertise of Conexx-from the assistance they received, both in the technical setting up of a new business in a foreign country, as well as introductions to industry contacts. Closing the gap between consumer requirements and shipper’s delivery capabilities can be done via technology. Bringoz is looking to establish relationships with businesses that manage delivery operations, from SMBs to Enterprise, whether utilizing their own or external fleet of vehicles & drivers, and work together to streamline operations and create further efficiency.


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