The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, a dynamic non-profit organization based in Atlanta is seeking bright and energetic students with interest in international business and Israel. Undergraduates at junior or senior level or graduate students preferred.

Time Frame:

During summer or school semester; 10-20 hours per week (3-4 hours minimum per day).


Assist on research projects involving Israeli and American companies for individual matchmaking or major business exchange events that bring together up to 25 companies at a time. Involves some database management and work with common computer software programs. Also assist on events including seminars, committees, and other projects as directed.


Expense reimbursement. Excellent opportunity to learn about Israel’s vibrant hightech economy and contacts with both Israeli companies and Atlanta area business and professional leaders. 

To apply please send your resume to Barry Swartz

cutler “Conexx jump started my career and helped to define my professional image.  During my time at the Conexx I had the chance to work on many different projects with a wide range of focus. I had the  chance to meet and build lasting relationships with several influential members of the Atlanta business community  while serving as an intern at the Chamber. This experience paved the way to future opportunities and I feel my career  would not have taken the same form without the invaluable experiences during my time as an intern at Conexx South East.”  — Cutler Knupp, Kennesaw State University


“As an International Affairs major interested in the complex economic relationship between the United States and Israel, interning for the Conexx was the perfect opportunity for me. In just the three months that I worked for the ConexxI had countless experiences that I know will be crucial to my future success. Most importantly, I gained knowledge about international business and cooperation, exposure to a wide variety of fields ranging from medical technology to venture capital, and experience planning and organizing business events.  After my experience I would encourage anyone interested the American-Israel economic relationship, no matter what their field of expertise, to intern with the Conexx. ” — Katie Krouse, University of Georgia

max “Interning with Conexx is an excellent opportunity for students and young  professionals to experience the amazing innovations that Israel has to offer to not only the United States, but the world.  For me, it was a dynamic internship that encouraged me to explore deeper into Israel’s high-tech industry through some  of the Conexx’s partners, such as the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta, and the BIRD Foundation, located in Tel Aviv. Through Conexx, I was able to network with influential community leaders and professionals who not only shared similar  interests, but wanted to facilitate further economic growth between Israel and the U.S.” — Max ShapiroGeorgia State University

Mikhail Aday_hdsht_bw2 “My internship with the Conexx might have ended after one summer, but, the value from it is paying off dividends even 4 years out.   This internship accelerated me into the Atlanta community exposing me to the best and brightest in this  region.  I got a chance to tackle real world problems in the events planning and market research fields.   It was a privilege  to be selected to this program and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build a great career and  network in the  South East.” — Mikhail Avady, University of Massachusetts at Amherst