Hello, I am Adam Shapiro. Since I help individuals, teams and enterprises improve their sales and marketing behaviors, a friend suggested a few years ago that I call my business Sales Reform School. It seemed kind of edgy and people smile when they hear it, so it’s keeper.  I like the metaphor for a number of reasons.  To improve, it helps to embrace learning, change, and practice. The best practitioners are students of their craft.  They don’t believe they know it all and are willing to try new processes and behaviors.   So Sales Reform School makes sense.  For now, it is officially just me but I do rely on a network of interesting and talented people to help out when my client needs dictate.

Though I began my career in law, I leveraged my experience with corporate legal departments into a successful software and services sales career.

With 15+  years in the technology industry, I have held roles in sales, marketing and business development at companies like American Lawyer Media, Harbinger Corporation, Air2Web and Inovis.