I currently serve as the VP of Consulting Operations at nexDimension Technology Solutions.

During my fifteen-year career in enterprise software applications, I have:

• Held the following titles – VP PSO, VP Strategic Initiatives, VP Americas Presales Support, VP Global Marketing, VP Product/Solutions Management, VP Industry Marketing, VP B2B Marketing.

• Launched the following initiatives – “Fast Start” (Infor’s Rapid Implementation method, which doubled sales to net new accounts), “Green Beans” (new employee on-ramp, with over 500 trainees already), “Framework for Excellence” (strategic selling tools/process), “Voice of the Customer” (client feedback program).

• Drove product strategy, sold, and implemented the following Enterprise applications – Supply Chain (SCM), Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution (MES), ERP, E-Commerce, Product Lifecycle (PLM), BIS/CPM, CRM.



Fast-Start Inventor = 5X saving. Operations officer + international expertise drives a customer first approach. Business leadership based on personal example, industry expertise, strategy, mentoring, planning.
Industries: Automotive, A&D, High-tech, industrial equipment, logistics and global supply chain.
Strengths: consulting methodology, client education, management consulting, marketing, on-board programs, military, India off-shoring, partner programs + certification, Value Engineering.