Ramesh Barasia

Ramesh Barasia Ramesh Barasia, CEO, TAB North Atlanta, has over 30+ years of business experience. Over the years, he has helped businesses grow, gain market share, increase profitability, and improve cash flow.

His primary focus now is to help business owners make better decisions and help them achieve their personal visions. He accomplishes this by forming and facilitating boards consisting of non-competing business owners who become peer-board think tanks for each other, and by providing personal coaching to help them implement their strategies and game plans.

Ramesh is also Principal, GKM Associates LLC, which offers business solutions to motivated business owners for their strategic and day-to-day operational challenges. The challenges they face are as varied as the businesses they own and manage, and as diverse as the industries they serve.

He has lived in Johns Creek for the past sixteen years. He is a mentor at SCORE, a voluntary organization for small business counseling; a member of Technology Association of Georgia (TAG); and a board member of American-Israel Chamber of Commerce (SE).