Murray Bookman is the Director of Software Licensing & OEM at Cisco Systems where he is responsible for third party vendor software licensing within Cisco’s global services and emerging solutions divisions across both service provider and enterprise customer offerings.  He addresses a broad range of solution use cases including Software as a Service, Build-Operate-Transfer, Solution Tools, Resell and Subscription Service scenarios.   In addition, he is responsible for Services Acquisition Integration of Software Licensing & OEM of acquired companies into Cisco.  Prior responsibilities include Director PMO for Global Project Management of Cisco Software Tools, and Senior Manager Solutions Systems Integration at Cisco Systems.  Prior to Cisco Systems, he held positions with Bell-Northern Research (Advanced R&D), CIBC (Program Management, Contact Centers) and NCR (Image Processing).

Murray has extensive publications and workshop engagements in the project management and contact center arenas.  A Senior Member of IEEE and Member of PMI (PMP), he has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering, Masters Certificate in Contract Management, and is a Stanford Certified Project Manager.  In addition, he is on the Executive Committee of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, is Chairman of Conexx’s Communications Committee, and is on the Terry School of Business MIS Advisory Board.