odis filtering


Odis Filtering was founded in 1987 as part of Odis Group. Odis filtering was founded to bring solutions for industrial and municipal worldwide growing water problems. Odis Group vision to bring new water technologies and solutions to address these problems were the key factors behind the decision to establish Odis Filtering.

Odis core activity is water treatment. We design, manufacture, install and commission water and wastewater treatment plants. Each of Odis solutions is specifically designed for each customer. The “custom made” solution considers the exact needs (both technically and economically) in order to give the customer the most efficient solution. Odis is active and well known in the international market, through its subsidiary companies, distributors and representatives all around the globe.

20 hayetsira st.
P.O.B. 3137 Kiryat-Arye
49130 Petah-Tikva
Tel: +972 3 9258500 
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Fax: +972 3 9249023

Atlanta Pure Water
1359 Gresham Rd. Marietta,
GA 30062
Tel: 770-971-4235
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