Founded in 1945, Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest carriers in the global container shipping industry. For thousands of customers around the world, Zim has been the carrier of choice for many years. Those long-term relationships can only be achieved and maintained through unwavering dedication to customer needs. Zim has a strong reputation for reliability, expertise and flexibility.


9 Andrei Sakharov St. “Matam” Scientific Industries Center PO Box 1723 17 Park of Commerce Blvd. #300
Haifa, Israel 31016 Savannah, GA USA 31405
Phone: + 972-4-865-2111 Phone: + 1-912-964-3100
Fax: + 972–4-865-2744 Fax: 1-912-964-3148
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