We manufacture intimate apparel, active-wear and swimwear sold throughout the world by such name-brand marketers as Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Target, Warnaco/Calvin Klein, The Gap, Banana Republic, Mervyn’s, Puma, Patagonia, Adidas, Reebok and other well known American retailers and designer labels.  Through the utilization of manufacturing technologies and techniques developed or refined by us, we are able to massproduce quality garments featuring unique designs tailored to our customers’ individual specifications.  Our product line includes knitted briefs, bras, tank tops, boxers, leggings, crop, T-shirts, nightwear, bodysuits, swim wear, beach wear, active-wear and accessories.  Our Healthcare Division manufactures and sells a range of textile healthcare products.  These products include: slip resistant footwear; anti-embolism stockings and compression therapy systems, an intermittent pneumatic compression device; sterile wound dressings; and XX-Span® dressing retainers, an extensible net tubing designed to hold dressings in place without the use of adhesive tape.


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