At Alere™, we believe in empowering individuals to take charge of improving their own health.
For it is only when individuals take accountability that meaningful changes can take place in entire populations.
Those most affected by poor health face challenges on multiple fronts.  Among them: patients must have the ability to make informed decisions about their health; physicians must find solutions that make a difference in people’s lives; and payers must reduce inappropriate expenses and control overall costs.
To meet these challenges, Alere™ Health’s programs:
• Connect the most complete range of devices and services that actively integrate data collection
• Empower individuals to make better choices
• Enable individuals, providers and payers to make smarter healthcare decisions
Alere™ provides the solutions needed today by offering a complete range of devices and services that seamlessly integrate real-time data collection, education and health management solutions through each stage of life – from preconception to end of life.


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