BD Technologies is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, one of the largest and most successful research parks in the world.  BD Technologies, formerly known as Becton Dickinson Research Center, was established in 1972 to provide basic research and development support for improving manufacturing and process methods, and to serve as a window on future technological trends.
BD Technologies resides in the middle of an impressive scientific community of major educational and research institutions, including Duke University, the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University.  In 1999, BD Technologies established the first private life science new business incubator, the BD BioVenture Center, in Research Triangle Park.  In 2002, BD Technologies joined with Johns Hopkins Singapore to establish BD BioVenture Centre, Singapore, a full-service business incubator dedicated to serving the emerging biomedical science industry in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.


21 Davis Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC USA 27709
Phone: 919-549-8641
Fax: 919-549-7572