Eisai Inc. develops and markets pharmaceuticals to treat a variety of ills. As the US production arm of Eisai Co., its roster includes Alzheimer’s treatment Aricept, Aciphex for acid reflux, anti-seizure medication Banzel, anticoagulant Fragmin, and anti-convulsant Zonegran.  In recent years it has become increasingly focused on oncology discovery, research, and clinical capabilities, primarily through acquisitions.  Eisai Inc. also maintains an extensive pipeline of potential drugs to address epilepsy and severe infection.  The company supplies its products to health care professionals, pharmacies, and hospitals through a vast network of distributors that include AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and Kinray.
Eisai Inc.’s pharmaceutical production and formulation research and development facility is located in Research Traingle Park, NC.



900 Davis Dr., PO Box 14505
Research Triangle Park, NC USA 27709
Phone: 919-941-6920
Fax: 919-941-6931