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July 7, 2009
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July 14, 2009
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ActiveBase, Cbeyond, and Celta Consult join AICC

ActiveBase Ramat Gan–based ActiveBase , established in 2002, has developed ‘on-motion’ database security and application performance software applications. Current customers and partners includeVerint (NJ), at&t (through Amdocs), National Bank of Hungary, General Electric (Hungary), Teva Pharmaceuticals, Phoenix Insurance, Cellcom, First International Bank, Orange, Ness (Israel), and others.

ActiveBase products are based on patent pending Database Network Router (DNR) technology, transparently installed between applications and databases, with database traffic routed through it (inline proxy). Unique underline DNR technology enables ActiveBase to deliver many capabilities including “Knowledge Policy Packs” for speeding packaged business applications, “Gentle Block” and “on-the-fly Data Scrambling” for controlling and securing applications without any changes required to application code or databases configuration. Application is beneficial for security, privacy, quality assurance, and troubleshooting. The product is sold through software resellers and integrators specializing in Oracle database.

The company is represented in the Southeast by Roswell- based Silos-Connect. Alon Rosenthal, ActiveBase VP of Marketing and Tony Cannizzo of Silos-Connect joined AICC Software Committee.

CbeyondUsing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a 100% Cisco network, Cbeyond delivers to small business customers (an entrepreneurial class of customer with 4-200 employees – generally using 4-48 phone lines) an integrated package of high quality local and long distance telephony services, high-speed, T-1 Internet access and Internet-based applications for about the same price that small businesses typically pay for local and long distance phone service alone.

Steve Zimba, VP Marketing and Product Development joined the AICC Telecommunications Committee.

CeltaCelta Consult is focused on international Telecom, IT, Media and Entertainment (TIME) markets, and help successful niche technology enterprises seeking multi-national market expansion with global operators and service providers across Europe, Latin America and the United States, focused on shortening a client’s sales cycle, validating market entry opportunities and product placement strategies, positioning through a global executive network.

Ronaldo Venci, Partner Operations,  joined the Software, Telecommunications, CleanTech and Professional Committees.


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