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AICC Member Alan Minsk: Get inside FDA’s Head and Do Your Homework

Alan Minsk is a Partner at the U.S. law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP in Atlanta, Georgia, where he leads the Food and Drug Practice Team where he advises pharmaceutical, biological, medical device and food companies on all legal and regulatory matters relating to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He also co-chairs the International Life Sciences and Health Law Committee of the American Bar Association. Alan is a member of AICC’s Medical Committee.

Alan was recently interviewed by the Israel Life Science Industry (ILSI) to discuss FDA regulatory matters and offers some tips for companies that face FDA review. In the interview Alan was asked about his role as an AICC Committee member.

Q: You are also a member of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Where, in your opinion, can the best Med-Tech opportunities for Israeli-American co-operations be found?

There is no right or wrong answer concerning location. We have some clients, including Israeli clients, that prefer to be on the East Coast because FDA is there and the time difference is not as great. Some companies go where their investors or clinical sites or hospitals are located. Others set up offices close to where the new U.S. management is based or where they know there is plentiful employee talent in a particular therapeutic area. Some prefer to be near major airports, while others have personal reasons (e.g., family) for settling in a certain location. And there are companies that are enticed by money, incentives and benefits they receive from state or local governments. We have Israeli clients with offices throughout the U.S., so location decisions are based on a number of factors.

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