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July 14, 2009
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AICC Member Emza selected as Finalist in American Security Challenge

Post Contributed by: Yuri Eliezer

EmzaAwardOf the two hundred companies competing in the American Security Challenge, America’s first emerging security technology competition devoted to our nation’s long-term security, EmzaVisual Sense emerged with finalist recognition. “For a small company like us, it’s great,” said Mark Premo, U.S. manager of Emza Visual Sense in a recent interview to Security Systems News. “To be selected among 200 applications is fairly impressive, I think.”

EmzaEmza, an Israel-based company, makes outdoor-appropriate wireless cameras with on-board analytics that, according to company officials, compete well with the algorithms used by the top-selling analytics companies. Such contentions were verified, as Emza was a selected one of merely six finalist in the Challenge. “The algorithms that we run on the low-cost processor, that’s the secret sauce,” said Premo. “We can detect a car at 300-to-500 feet, a person at 300 feet… and with IR illumination, we can find someone at night at 150 feet.” Not only do these benchmarks outreach those of other competing products (commonly limited to 30-50ft day-time detections), but such benchmarks are attained with a fraction of the false-positives plaguing motion-detection-based solutions.

It’s a “purpose-built application for the smaller outdoor application,” said Mark Premo, Emza’s U.S. manager. “[We provide] one small unit, it’s easily replaceable,” and it’s designed for protecting outdoor assets and perimeters while filtering out false-positive detections.

“We’re very impressed by it and installing it on a regular basis,” said Dave Meurer, chief operating officer at Armed Response Team, an Albuquerque, N.M., integrator that also provides response services by former police officers. With a vested interest in verifying alarms to determine whether response is necessary, Meurer said the Emza solution “eliminates most of the false positives” right out of the box.

Premo said he’s looking for many more companies like ART. “We have to get to the channel,” he said, “because that’s the way to get to the small business market, get them to understand that it’s possible to prevent crime.”

Emza joined AICC in 2008 and was featured in the “Israel Security Delegation to ASIS” reception in Atlanta.

Picture: The American Security Challenge

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