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September 10, 2009
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September 23, 2009
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AICC member MB Technologies releases InfiView

MBAICC member MB Technologies, a Georgia based software company that is establishing a development center in Israel ust released a new version of a unique technology, called InfiView. They are known for their flagship product Bindows.

InfiView is a toolkit that enables software programmers connect real time data (of ANY size, even infinite – hence the name), and present anything from social and geo-location to diagrams and maps, in a web browser.

The features page list the unique features of InfiView, such as layers (for example, integrating a layer of a map application, a layer of network topology, a layer of a live dashboard), display of live motion and flow, automatic grouping (so you can display infinite amount of information, in a clear, simple display, being able to infinitely zoom-in on structured data).

The site includes examples on how InfiView could provide new and unique capabilities to airlines/transportation, smart networks and smart grids and (of course), social networking.

Watch a short movie (2 min) about this very interesting technology. Ran Meriaz,  President of MB Technologies, will gladly answer any question about this new product (contact).


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