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February 15, 2009
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AICC Members Collaborate: Amdocs Signs Agreement With ClickFox to Sell Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

clickfox1ClickFox, the pioneering leader of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) software and solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Amdocs to offer its award-winning CEA solution to service providers.  Clickfox has been an AICC member since 2004. AICC Chairman, Laurie Olivier of Veritas Venture Partners is on ClickFox’s board of directors.


Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation, enabling world-leading service providers to deliver an integrated, innovative and intentional customer experience™ at every point of service. Amdocs provides solutions that deliver customer experience excellence, combining the software, services and expertise to help its customers execute their strategies and achieve service, operational and financial excellence. Amdocs has been an AICC member since 2005 and has large regional offices in the Atlanta area.

Under the agreement, Amdocs will utilize ClickFox CEA — a patented behavioral analysis engine that visually synthesizes all interaction channels to manage the “total customer experience” — as part of its service delivery to consulting clients worldwide. “Customer Experience Analytics has finally come of age — evolving from an interesting yet untested concept to a rapidly emerging strategic capability that has delivered demonstrable, hard ROI value to Fortune Global 500 companies and other industry-leading businesses around the world,” commented ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli. “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Amdocs, the innovative leader in customer experience systems and services. In both the best of times and the worst, ClickFox helps businesses focus on their most mission-critical priorities — from boosting customer loyalty to carving out wasteful inefficiencies — enabling them to successfully weather the storm and navigate to safer waters by shoring up the bottom line while also building sustainable competitive advantage.”

Transcending a limited single channel view, ClickFox CEA is the only customer experience analytics solution that visually synthesizes and analyzes every point of the multi-channel customer interaction process to deliver a complete, true understanding of the customer experience. ClickFox CEA represents the next-generation in customer management and intelligence, uniquely enabling businesses to dramatically boost the return-on-investment on their existing technologies—ranging from self-service automation systems to large enterprise systems. With the technical flexibility to work with a wide range of platforms, channels, technologies, and data formats,

ClickFox CEA has helped some of the nation’s largest telcos, financial institutions, and other leading Fortune 500 enterprises gain unprecedented visibility and understanding into the complex web of customer behavior that drives revenues, loyalty, and defections.


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