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April 26, 2010
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May 2, 2010
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AICC Members Green Chamber of the South featured in "Our Green Heroes"

AICC Members Galit Levitin and Ofra Tessler, and the organization they co-founded, The Green Chamber of the South were recently featured in an article in The Piedmont Review. The Green Chamber of the south has partnered with AICC on many occassions including the Better Place educational event, the Southeast-Israel Water Exchange, the upcoming US-Israel Energy Delegation and more.

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Founded in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Green Chamber of the South supports the growth and success of sustainability in businesses and encourages innovation and adoption of clean technology. We are a non-profit organization.┬áThe Green Chamber of Commerce facilitates connections and collaboration between companies, government, NGOs and the community, supporting the growth of green companies. GCS’s vision facilitates the success and growth of green businesses and establishes a hub for green commerce in the Southeast. The chamber members comprise businesses and organizations in the Southeast engaged in diverse industries including energy, education, manufacturing, government, trade, communications and marketing.

Business leaders recognize the rapid growth of the Southeast green business movement and their long-term growth opportunities are tied with the region’s environmental challenges. Some of the key issues facing businesses today revolve around water scarcity, transportation, and energy costs. An increasing number of businesses understand meeting growing environmental challenges requires adopting new sustainability strategies. Furthermore, a growing number of businesses require partners and vendors to engage in the sustainability process and develop their own green initiatives.


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