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An Important Conexx Leadership Update


Please Contact: Randall Foster, Conexx Chairman, 978-471-7880

A Major Staff Change at Conexx

June 4, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – With an eye on the future in the fast-changing non-profit world, Conexx: America Israel Business Connector will soon begin a search for a new president.

Outgoing president Guy Tessler and the Conexx Executive Committee have mutually agreed this is the right time for both he and the organization to make a change. Guy has been a valued member of our management staff for 12 years and he leaves with our gratitude and best wishes for his next opportunity.

Before the Executive Committee forms a search committee, Conexx member Adam Feinberg has agreed to take over on an interim basis, working with Conexx Vice President Barry Swartz and Programs & Membership Manager Alexis Goldberg, reviewing and evaluating the organization’s future needs. He then will communicate his findings to the Executive Committee which, in turn, will develop a detailed job description for a new president to take Conexx on a continued successful path in the future.

While the Executive Committee is avoiding artificial deadlines in order to make sure both Adam Feinberg’s work, and the resulting committee work are comprehensive and complete, it’s anticipated that the search for a new president could begin within the next three months.

About Conexx: America Israel Business Connector

Conexx is a non-profit, non-governmental agency committed to connecting Americans and Israelis through the vehicle of business. Conexx is one of most successful and effective bi-national business organizations in North America. Since our founding over 25 years ago, Conexx continues to deliver great value to Israeli companies seeking U.S. market entry and to American companies seeking entry into Israel and access to ground breaking technologies. Conexx offers a powerful network to help our members promote their products or services to the entire Southeast and beyond.

Conexx is uniquely qualified to provide individual, tailored services to companies and individuals looking to do business in Israel or seek expansion or partnerships in the U.S. Working with companies in every industry and vertical, Conexx works with over 100 Israeli companies in the Southeast, helps drive investments, deals and employment gain in the region and in Israel.

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