August 25, 2016

Featured Israeli Company in the Southeast: ZIM Integrated Shipping

The fascinating story of ZIM Integrated Shipping spans over half a century. Founded in 1945 by the Jewish Agency, Histadrut Labor Federation and the Israel Maritime League, ZIM began its first runs carrying immigrants from war-torn Europe to the land that would become the State of the Israel. The name “ZIM” was proposed by Israel’s first Minister of Transportation, David Remez. […]
August 25, 2016

Conexx Member Profile: Greg Kirsch

I’ve been involved with Conexx for 22 years. I happened to hear at the time about one of the events that was being organized by Conexx, and I was intrigued that there was an organization devoted to developing business between US and Israeli companies and institutions. I didn’t know any such organizations existed. I attended the event, and was hooked. […]
August 11, 2016

August Leadership Message

After this year’s Eagle Star Awards Gala, it’s no secret that Anita Zucker, our Tom Glaser Leadership Award winner, is a very special individual. Her incredible support and passion for Israel as well as her leadership in the community and in business, are admired and honored. As a woman in this position, she is respected and emulated. So, it is […]
July 26, 2016

Cybersecurity Solutions: TopSpin Security

In 2016, no one is immune from cyber crime. In fact, cyberattacks are a nearly daily occurrence in almost every industry around the world. Just this week an Indian internet service provider suffered one of the largest cyberattacks in the world and the Library of Congress is said to have fought off a massive cyberattack. As consumers and business owners, […]
July 26, 2016

US Companies Matched with Israeli Solutions at First FinTech Innovation Conference

Last month, Conexx, along with the Israeli Consulate in the SE and the Israel Economic Mission to the South, organized the first ever Atlanta-Israel FinTech Innovation Conference. This unique and dynamic conference focused on the booming FinTech or financial tech industry. Like so many other industries, the Israeli FinTech industry was born out of experience in fields like cybersecurity. But […]
July 26, 2016

Featured Israeli Company in the SE: Tri-Hishtil

Tri-Hishtil, located in North Carolina, is a new company comprised of the US-based TriEst and Hishtil, a long-time leader and expert in plant-grafting based in Israel. Founded in Israel in 1974, Hishtil is a world leader of seedlings and young plants such as herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Hishtil is at the forefront of knowledge-based plant propagation, dedicated to providing economic […]
July 26, 2016

Conexx Member Profile: Mark Spiegel

I got involved with Conexx over 20 years ago, when the organization first started. The “Startup Nation” concept was still in its infancy and new Israeli hi-tech companies were regularly being syndicated on NASDAQ. As a financial adviser and portfolio manager, I noticed this early phenomenon and created a managed portfolio of Israeli stocks that were trading in the US […]
June 28, 2016

Predictive Risk Technology: Verensics

  Threats to your business can come from every direction. We often think of crimes that we can’t see, like data breaches and theft, but what about the risks we can see? What about the people in your organization? Many companies and HR departments rely on background information and references when hiring new employees. But these checks aren’t always accurate […]
June 28, 2016

First Event for Conexx Young Professionals to Feature Founder of Cloud Sherpas

The first event for the Conexx Young Profesionals group,co-sponsored by YAFI, on Thursday, July 7, is set to feature Cloud Sherpas Founder Michael Cohn. Taking place at the new Ponce City Market from 6:30-9:00 p.m., Michael Cohn, who is the Managing Director Techstars Atlanta will speak about his professional journey and how Israel has empowered him in his personal and […]
June 28, 2016

MedTech Innovations, Big Investments Abound at 2016 Israel Biomed Conference

Conexx was pleased to lead another delegation to the 2016 IATI-Biomed Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel this past May. The 15th annual conference saw over a thousand people from over 40 countries and included over 6,000 senior executives, scientists and engineers from the healthcare/medical fields as well as 4,500 one-on-one meetings. office-2007-key  | office-2007-product-key  | office-2007-ativation-key  | office-2007-iso  | office-2007-keys […]
June 28, 2016

Featured Israeli Company in the SE: Expanding Orthopedics

Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI) is a medical device company developing innovative products designed to address unmet clinical needs for spine surgery and care. Founded in Or Akiva, Israel and with an office in Atlanta, EOI leads the way in the area of Expandable devices. Their mission is to improve the outcome of patients who use spinal devices for a long […]
June 28, 2016

Conexx Member Profile: Glenn Pearson

Even though I have been in Atlanta for 21 years and heavily involved in both the healthcare community and the business communities, I was not aware of Conexx until about a year ago when Ralph Jordan, Chair of the Conexx Healthcare Connector, introduced me to the organization. office-2007-key  | office-2007-product-key  | office-2007-ativation-key  | office-2007-iso  | office-2007-keys  | office-2010-key  | office-2010-product-key […]
May 27, 2016

Featured Israeli Company: BAZZ

Safety on the road has become an even more critical issue with the advancement of smart phone technology. According to the CDC, in the US, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured every day from distracted drivers. The BAZZ® platform is the solution for safe driving on the road. BAZZ reduces the distractions caused by receiving and sending text and […]
May 27, 2016

Upcoming Atlanta-Israel FinTech Innovation Conference Set for June

If you’ve never heard of the term “FinTech,” you’re not alone. Even those in the world of tech and savvy entrepreneurs are not entirely clear on what this term means. FinTech, or financial technology, refers to those companies, mainly start ups, that are drastically changing major financial sectors. Think: mobile payments, crowdsourcing, asset management, money transfers, loans and even fundraising. […]
May 27, 2016

Atlanta and Israel Sign Sister Airport Agreement

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport signed a sister airport agreement on May 24 in Atlanta. The Memorandum of Understanding is focused on allowing the two airports to share their knowledge while increasing travel and economic benefits. The agreement was signed by Atlanta airport interim Aviation General Manager Roosevelt Council along with General Shmuel Zakay, Ben […]
May 27, 2016

Featured Israeli Company in the SE: Shalag Industries

Shalag Industries is an Israel-based world leader in the production of non-woven materials, including hygienic products and wipes. Founded over 30 years ago, Shalag calls Kibbutz Shamir in Israel’s upper Galilee region home with its main US production facility located in Oxford, North Carolina. Shalag Industries manufactures baby diapers, hygiene products and medical and industrial wipes using calendar bonded and […]
May 27, 2016

Conexx Member Profile: Jordan Arogeti

I got involved with Conexx because I’ve felt an emotional connection to the land and people of Israel my entire life. As I began to grow into my professional career, Conexx was a very natural outlet for that connection. Through Conexx, I see an opportunity to blend my passion with my profession, finding innovative ways to build mutually beneficial business […]
May 13, 2016

The Value of Sponsorship with Conexx: May 2016 Leadership Message

Like an Israeli start-up, Conexx is growing – fast. Over the past 6 months, we’ve added new programs, reached new audiences, gained new members and clients, and increased our regional presence. Being a member of Conexx not only gives you direct access to our base of programs, but it also puts you in touch with unique and exclusive opportunities. Most […]
April 27, 2016

Conexx Member Profile: Ken Fox

When I first joined Conexx there were only 2-3 of us from Charleston. I had met Tom Glaser on one of his visits up here and this provided a personal link to the leadership at Conexx. I ended up joining in 2005 because I worked in the medical device field. I wanted to support Israel and I knew a lot […]
April 27, 2016

Featured Israeli Company in the Southeast: Haifa Chemicals

Haifa Chemicals is an Israel-based multinational corporation and leading global supplier of potassium nitrate, specialty plant nutrients and industrial chemicals. Haifa Chemicals creates solutions for farmers around the world, using their extensive knowledge of markets and familiarity with farmer’s lives and needs. Founded in 1966 by the Israeli government, the Haifa company worked to utilize the natural Israeli resources of […]