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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014
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Breakfast Briefing With Ambassador Ron Prosor

(left) Pedro Cherry, VP, Community & Economic Development with GA Power, Opher Aviran, Israel Consul General to the Southeast, Ambassador Ron Prosor (center), Brian McGown, Exec. Vice President and COO with the Metro Atlanta Chamber and Guy Tessler, Conexx COO (R)


“All in the Numbers” remarked Ambassador Prosor. “Businessmen understand numbers, and because they understand numbers, they can easily understand the challenge Israel faces at the UN regardless of what’s right or wrong or what’s true or not true.”

These are the words spoken by Ambassador Ron Prosor, permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations at a special breakfast meeting at the Metro Chamber of Commerce on November 19. The event, co-hosted by Conexx and the Office of the Israel Consul General to the Southeast and MAC and sponsored by Georgia Power, gave local business leaders an inside picture of the life of the Israeli Ambassador.

Prosor spoke about the beginnings of the “Start-Up Nation” and Israel’s start as a technology powerhouse, something that Israel’s enemies privately admit to admiring. But he also talked at length about Israel and the UN noting that when it comes to voting and when Israel is the subject of a resolution, the results are entirely predictable based on the number of countries aligned with one bloc or another.

Prosor explained that because every country gets one vote, regardless of its population, Israel, at the UN, finds itself at the mercy of the developing world. Places like Africa, Asia and South America vote together, under pressure from Middle Eastern and other autocratic regimes that wield powerful economic influence.

Despite the predictability of voting in the UN General Assembly, Prosor reported that behind the scenes, he has good working and even friendly relationships with the representatives of many countries that respect Israel’s accomplishments and seek to benefit from Israeli know how.  And sometimes, those relationships translate into support for Israeli introduced resolutions, such as this recent resolution.


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