August 3, 2011

Frank J. Pucciano Testimonial

“Throughout the history of mankind, innovation has come about due to two things – necessity and human creativity."
August 3, 2011

Danny Marom Testimonial

“Modern Software Technologies, Ltd. (MOST) first met AICC and its president, Tom Glaser, in December 2001 when we were attempting to conclude a major contract."
August 2, 2011

Laurie Olivier Testimonial

We would highly recommend to any Israeli company considering an office in the US to meet with AICC and other Israeli companies with offices in Atlanta
April 7, 2011

Jonathan Minnen Testimonial

“We have been very pleased with the growth of our Israeli practice. ”
April 7, 2011

Andre Schnabl Testimonial

“Not only has my membership over the past several years ‘connected’ me with the community, but has also taught me a great deal about the business reality of Israel.”