Pharma Focus Israel Presents at AICC Medical Committee June Meeting
July 2, 2009
ActiveBase, Cbeyond, and Celta Consult join AICC
July 10, 2009
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Checklight Presents at AICC Security Committee June Meeting

AICC’s June Security Committee meeting was hosted by Lt. David Roskind of the City of Sandy Springs Police Department who presented the goals of the SSPD within 2 years to increase situation alertness from voice and video feeds, and external information and predictive analytics by integrating them at a central location and the desire is to implement “bleeding edge” technologies and create state of the art technology infrastructure that can serve as a model to other law enforcement entities in the Metro area. A plan to reach out to Southeast Security Integrators was discussed and addopted. The group congratulated Israel/Atlanta based Vumii‘s award recognition by the Wall Street Journal naming Vumii Winner of Technology Innovations Award and Red Herring naming the company as winner in the North America 100. Twelve Members and staff attended the meeting chaired by David Schwartzenfeld of Marsh.

ChecklightBob Thomas presented Checklight, a Kiryat Tivon-based company that has developed novel, fast, inexpensive, and highly sensitive quality control bioassays to monitor different parameters of water quality, hygiene, and proteolytic activity. CheckLight’s proprietary technology utilizes non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria as sensitive sensors. Although the use of bacterial luminescence for quality testing has been widely used in the water industry, CheckLight’s scientific team has succeeded in simplifying the bioassay by delivering user-friendly products that can be easily used in either the field or laboratory setting.

The ease of use of the Checklight kit for safety and security in detecting accidental and malicious contaminations (organics and metals) in water makes it an excellent tool for first responders. It can be operated by a trained technician to provide fast results indicating if contamination exists. Israeli water security company Whitewater has seen the potential in this product, and now owns 26% of Checklight. The company has been selling in Europe and Asia, and is now trying to enter the US market. The cost of a single kit is approximately $6,000.

Checklight has recently joined AICC and is looking for distributors for their kits and introductions to water utilities, environmental monitoring authorities, fire departments, and homeland security agencies.

Additional companies introduced are Yavne-based E.D.I.G. Construction Management Ltd. established in 1971 that has developed a decompression chamber to simulate aircraft flight and detonate explosives on the ground rather than in the air using pressure, time, RF and other detonation approaches. The simulation (decompression) chamber is used to subject air cargo to a simulation of the flight pressure variation pattern, such that explosive charges with barometric triggers would not explode in mid-flight. The system is approved by the El-Al security authorities, and is installed by E.D.I.G. at El-Al’s cargo stations worldwide. E.D.I.G. has also supplied simulation chambers to other clients abroad such as Rome’s Airports Authority and other airports in Italy.  EDIG provides full service and technical support for the chambers worldwide. The company is looking for introduction to airlines and airport authorities.  TimeNeto is a Haifa-based spin out of biometric identity services company IQS, that developed biometric web-based time & attendance, and real time monitoring products for multi-branches chains and small and medium businesses around the globe to add efficiency, save costs and prevent fraud.


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