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October 30, 2016
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October 30, 2016
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Conexx Women’s Event Relayed Strong Messages on Women in Business, Israel and Future Opportunities

anita-zucker-and-elizabeth-colbert-busch-croppedThe Conexx Women’s group is up to some very exciting endeavors. Last month the group convened in Charleston, SC and met with Anita Zucker, Chair and CEO of The InterTech Group, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Director of Business Development, CURI, Office of Academic Affairs at Clemson University and Ilit Raz, Co-founder and CEO of Joonko. Hosted at Emanuel Synagogue in Charleston, women from a variety of industries including VC’s, business owners, entrepreneurs and professional services were in attendance.

The main conversation of the event centered around international trade, the impact of the Start Up Nation as well as the current existing opportunities that business women should know about. The event also featured a video clip about the Start Up Nation and why Israel became a global hub for innovation. The conversation continued with an engaging discussion about Israel’s trade with the US, South Carolina and the impact that Israeli startups have had on local economies.

A highlight of the event was Ilit Raz’s story about her own experience in the elite Israeli intelligence unit 8200. As the co-founder of Joonko, a data-driven solution for workforce diversity, she spoke about women in technology or, more specifically, the lack of women in this field. She noted that while women count for nearly 40% of computer science undergrads, their retention in higher management positions in much lower – all three panelists had a lot of insight to share on this topic.

The next Conexx Women’s event will take place on January 19th and will discuss wearable technology and the scientific impact on personalized wellness. Conexx Women is collaborating with the German culture organization and is pleased to invite both men and women to the next event.

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