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Cybersecurity Solutions: TopSpin Security

TopSpin logo_pantoneIn 2016, no one is immune from cyber crime. In fact, cyberattacks are a nearly daily occurrence in almost every industry around the world. Just this week an Indian internet service provider suffered one of the largest cyberattacks in the world and the Library of Congress is said to have fought off a massive cyberattack.

As consumers and business owners, citizens of the world understand that they can n longer sit idly by and hope for the best. Solutions that not only seek to prevent these crimes but help repair are vital.

TopSpin Security
TopSpin Security is a leader in advanced cyber-security defense systems and solutions. The company provides intelligent deception solutions that expose sophisticated cyberattacks before they are able to cause harm. The TopSpin solution is able to learn your company’s network topography to keep ahead of attackers. By planting mini-traps or breadcrumbs, the platform is able to identify attacks early on and divert attackers to a decoy network, saving actual organizational assets. The platform then tracks and catches attackers in the act allowing the company to quickly move from infection to successful resolution.

The TopSpin solution has been deployed by leading organizations in the US including Stanford Children’s Hospital, First Midwest Bancorp, Anixter, Morningstar and more. Deception-based cyber defense was recently named by Gartner as “one of the ten security technologies to look for in 2016.”

TopSpin’s solution is essential for organizations of all sizes that, today, are becoming a target for sophisticated attackers. These include financial and insurance institutions, healthcare facilities, technology manufacturers, transportation service providers and more.

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