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DaVita & AICC Member Wellness Layers Create New MyDaVita Social Patient Support Portal

A partnership between DaVita, a leading provider of kidney care and patient and wellness portal provider, Wellness Layers, led to the restructuring of DaVita’s online platform, MyDaVita. The social support site seamlessly integrates with the DaVita website and patient portal.The new platform features an enhanced patient social network designed to create a closed support environment for DaVita patients, families and anyone with kidney related conditions. The social network has been designed from the ground up to offer the specific support that kidney care patients need.

The site will also offer a platform for DaVita staff and experts to provide support throughout the online community. This gives patients a more hands-on and engaging experience throughout treatment and condition management. Kidney healthy foods are a key focus of the community and individuals are able to share recipes and provide one another with cooking tips.

“Social media is not just Facebook anymore. Companies like Davita realize they can tap into the power of highly customized social applications to provide state-of-the-art support for conditions,” said Amir Kishon, PhD, CEO of Wellness Layers. “We are proud to partner with DaVita in the restructuring of their patient portal. The new interconnectivity will allow for all people suffering from kidney conditions to have an online support environment, and for DaVita patients, also serve as an extension of treatment and care.”

This newly renovated patient portal will implement the Wellness Layers Me-We-Info approach to patient engagement.


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