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ePatientFinder and AICC Member Clinigence Partner

ePatientFinder and Clinigence Partner to Connect Patients with Cutting-Edge Treatments

Atlanta, September 26, 2013 — Clinigence, a next-generation clinical business intelligence technology provider, recently announced a partnership withePatientFinder. Through this alliance, ePatientFinder will leverage Clinigence’s technology to streamline the process of connecting eligible patients with clinical trials and preventative medical procedures.

Historically, patients have been identified for clinical trials through expensive mass media marketing campaigns. This casts a very wide net in order to find the specific patients needed and is an inefficient approach in the information age. ePatientFinder is taking a different approach and working with their network of physicians to enable them to learn about medically beneficial clinical trials and refer eligible patients to trials. ePatientFinder’s platform leverages Clingence’s clinically-driven data analytics to enable physicians to pinpoint patients who would benefit most from a clinical trial treatment opportunity.

“Many clinical trials fall behind schedule, and a huge reason for this is because they cannot find the appropriate patients. This obviously causes a ripple effect in the industry, specifically higher costs for the drug trials and longer time to market for these medicines, devices and techniques,” said Kobi Margolin, CEO of Clinigence. “We are thrilled that our technology can help identify these patients to connect them with the best treatment possible in a more timely and efficient manner.”

The Clinigence solution is built around several key capabilities, including clinical data analytics, predictive modeling and business intelligence. Leveraging cloud-based semantic collaboration, the solution fuels a continuous cycle of improvement in staff performance and process effectiveness while accelerating the creation of best practices.

ePatientFinder brings resources from the life sciences sector to help create sustainability for Health Information Exchanges and Accountable Care Organizations. By partnering with Electronic Health Record vendors, ePatientFinder represents an opportunity for those vendors to gain a significant revenue stream from their existing user base. This is more important than ever given that the market for green field opportunities is waning.

“Many patients are unaware of the life changing treatment opportunities available in areas where the standard of care lacks efficacy, especially in disease states such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer,” said Tom Dorsett, president and CEO of ePatientFinder. “The partnership with Clinigence takes our patient-centric solution to the next level by providing an opportunity for physicians to connect their patients with medical options that can improve their quality care. Everyone in the industry wins with this solution – patients get better care, providers improve outcomes and EHR vendors continue to realize the power of the infrastructure they have built over the last decade.”


About ePatientFinder
ePatientFinder is an opportunity for physicians to connect their patients with life changing treatment opportunities of which they were previously unaware. Through the ePatientFinder platform, physicians can access timely and valuable information about preventative procedures, novel treatments and clinical trials. ePatientFinder uses a revolutionary approach to matching patients with treatment opportunities. By facilitating communication among treating and referring physicians, the platform spreads knowledge of novel treatment options and enhance collaboration within the healthcare community.
About Clinigence
Clinigence, LLC, in Atlanta, GA, is a health information technology company that develops, publishes and delivers collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help healthcare providers derive business value from clinical data and quality patient care. The Clinigence solution is tailored to the emerging needs of healthcare providers due to the shift of the US healthcare system from volume- to value-based purchasing and the growing demand for quality patient care.



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