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Falling Prevention

Haifa-based company developing cutting edge technological solutions to fall prevention among elderly people.
We have working prototypes, which have been successfully tested in a Gait Laboratory. We need funding to complete the process and start mass production. For this purpose we started a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo: http://igg.me/at/B-Shoe

What makes B-Shoe so special, is that it is a “smart” shoe. B-Shoe is a shoe that detects imbalance at an early stage and rapidly re-establishes balance by automatically moving a foot backwards, thus preventing a fall. The balancing mechanism is integrated into a standard walking shoe. It consists of the following elements: pressure sensors, integrated motion device, microprocessor, rechargeable battery and smart algorithms all embedded in the shoe sole and heel.

Seeking introductions to strategic partners in orthopedics and the shoe industry, and investment.


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