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Featured Israeli Company: CommuniTake

Cyber attacks and hacking are at the forefront of every business and individual around the world. Governments, movie studios, banks and countless others have been the victims of this, often, faceless crime. But, what about your mobile device?

Of course, our cell phones and tablets carry our personal data, like bank accounts and emails, but more than ever, our cell phones and tablets have become our home office. As many companies work quickly to adapt to this new trend, they often face less than ideal IT conditions and budgets to support these changes. Because so many of their enterprise solutions are lacking and out of date, businesses today are struggling against cyber attacks.

That’s where CommuniTake takes over. CommuniTake is leading the way in secure mobile use. Founded in Israel in 2009, CommuniTake creates security, care and management solutions to provide people and businesses with better, more secure mobile use.

You’ve Been Hacked
Cyber crime is on the rise. According to Itai Bass, VP of Business Development at CommuniTake, there will be 5.9 billion smartphones, globally, by 2020, growing the cyber attack surface. Speaking at Conexx’s first HiTech Lunch & Learn, Bass delivered the hard facts about the growing threat of cyber attacks. He noted the incredible difficulty of actually detecting attacks particularly when the crimes involve fileless attacks, manipulation of remote access protocols, encryption weakness and credential theft.

But CommuniTake’s solutions offer a secure mobile device through its integrated secure wireless communications environment. The company provides a one-of-a-kind solution to secure the entire communications environment, integrating hardened device with the IntactPhone solution, enhanced mobile operating system with the Intact OS, encrypted communications, central command and control center, self-healing app and remote control technology.

The CommuniTake solutions suite protects against mobile cybercrime, wiretapping, and data theft. It manages mobile resources, processes and security to effectively operate business mobility and facilitates the seamless performance of connected Android machines.

Itai Bass’ message was clear: Cyber attacks are here and it is only a matter of time until you find yourself the victim of one. Now is the time to act; be proactive and invest in the security of your company.

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