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June 26, 2017
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Featured Israeli Company: Hello Heart

Hello Heart logoImagine a loved one getting critically ill. Would you be able to manage all of the information, test results and statistics? Would you be able to understand what it all means? This was the exact situation Maayan Cohen, Founder and CEO of Hello Heart, found herself in just a few years ago. Unable to handle and understand all of the paper work and information that comes with caring for an ill loved one, Maayan found herself spending hours online trying to decipher test results and data. After her loved one recovered, she made it her life’s journey to help others in similar situations.

Hello Heart was founded in 2013 in Israel and it is a clinically-based mobile solution for those who suffer from heart risks, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and other conditions. It is a new approach that empowers users to self-manage their heart risk through an easy-to-use app. The app is HIPPA compliant and is connected to over 50% of hospitals and clinics in the US. It allows users to collect and manage all of their medical data from doctors, labs, hospitals, and medical devices to understand their health with a personalized visual view.

With locations in Israel and Silicon Valley, Hello Heart has had $2.2 million in total equity funding since its founding. The technology gives users a holistic view of their health by tracking day-to-day behaviors such as exercise and allows uers to input daily information like blood pressure and blood sugars. The app also shows items such as drug lists and lab results. Hello Heart is also directly connected to your doctor and lab, so everytime you have lab work done, the results are sent directly to your Hello Heart app and explained and displayed in a completely personalized manner and in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Hello Heart also enables and empowers users to do something about their health. The app gives actionable suggestions and information that educates patients to take steps to improve their health, such as parking further from the door and walking or taking the stairs. The app is also a community with users able to see what other who have the same condition are doing.

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