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July 26, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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Featured Israeli Company in the SE: Tri-Hishtil

Tri Hishtil logoTri-Hishtil, located in North Carolina, is a new company comprised of the US-based TriEst and Hishtil, a long-time leader and expert in plant-grafting based in Israel. Founded in Israel in 1974, Hishtil is a world leader of seedlings and young plants such as herbs, ornamentals and vegetables.

Hishtil is at the forefront of knowledge-based plant propagation, dedicated to providing economic and environmentally friendly horticultural solutions that improve the quality of food. The company’s innovative approach combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology resulting in the healthiest possible plant material. Hishtil has production nursery areas in Israel, Italy, Bosnia, Spain, Turkey and South Africa.

Tri-Hishtil is a new venture with its North Carolina ground breaking in 2015. Tri-Histhil specializes in grafting, specifically the greenhouse production of vegetable plants including watermelons, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peppers and eggplants. The company invested $2 million in a local nursery operation and estimates it has created 125 jobs since the ground breaking.

With the knowledge and experience of Hishtil, Tri-Hishtil provides solutions for agriculture by providing growers and farmers with disease-resistant plants that help enhance yields with fewer chemicals.

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