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January 26, 2017
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Featured Israeli Company in the SE: VisionMap

VisionMap logoMuch of the technology that comes from Israel is born out of necessity. The expertise, know-how, information and tools that comprise most of the hi-tech startups in Israel come from the military. It is well known that Israel’s cyber security experience came directly from the military’s need to thwart attacks and create their own defenses.

But imagine a military-based technology that has transcended into other sectors as well. VisionMap seems to be a perfect example of that. VisionMap manufactures state-of-the-art airborne imaging systems, not only for defense and security purposes but for commercial mapping applications as well. With headquarters based in Ramat Gan, Israel and US offices in Myrtle Beach, SC, VisionMap cameras utilize a proprietary imaging technology and are able to quickly capture vast areas of land or sea in extremely high resolution that can support large-scale missions or complex projects.

VisionMap’s technology has been used for maritime surveillance, pipeline monitoring, jungle hideout detection and locating hidden objects. The company’s technology has even been used to track and monitor wildlife in Africa.

even been used to track and monitor wildlife in Africa.
Tracking and monitoring antelope in Africa from 4,000 ft.
Detecting and monitoring leaks in a pipeline using thermal imagery from 6,500 ft.

Flown on UAVs or manned aircraft, VisionMap’s system collects color and thermal images during the day and night and provides end-products such as aerial triangulation and vertical and oblique images. VisionMap’s battle-proven systems, which were awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Award for their advanced technology, are operational in air-forces around the world.

VisionMap was founded by Michael Pechatnikov, Vadim Zlotnik, Pavel Radzivilovsky and Benny Ifhar and was acquired by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd and the SK Group in late 2013/early 2014.

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