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Featured Israeli Company: Joonko

Joonko logoBias in the workplace definitely exists – even in 2017. Whether unconscious or not, discrimination and sexism, no matter how major or slight, is still a big problem, particularly for women and minorities. While many companies invest in technology to help avoid bias in recruiting and hiring, Joonko is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help shed light on the bias that occur in a worker’s normal day-to-day.

Joonko was founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv by Ilit Raz. As a woman working in hi-tech, Raz often found herself experiencing unconscious and conscious bias. At first, she didn’t even realize there was bias, but after a series of “aha” moments, she came to understand that bias doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand occurrence,like getting passed over for a promotion, but rather small things or “micro-events” as Raz calls them, such as who speaks in a meeting, whose opinion you pick at the end or who gets the most critical task or assignment.

While many companies use technology to ensure diversity and fairness during the hiring process, once a candidate of diversity is hired, they might not actually stay. This is where Joonko sees the opportunity. According to Joonko, a Techstars Atlanta graduate, companies in the US spend, and lose, over $75 billion every year on failed diversity management. The Joonko platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with a company’s already existing SaaS platforms to leverage existing information to help identify event of potential unconscious bias as they occur. What’s more is that while many other tools simply point out the bias, Joonko takes it a step further and immediately engages the relevant manager, executive or employee with actual recommendations so that action can taken to correct.

Since it’s founding in 2016, Joonko has analyzed more than 103,000 cases with several companies participating in their free pilot program.

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