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Featured Israeli Company: Landa Digital Printing

landaToday, print is a $925 billion market and still growing. It might be not be something most people consider throughout their day, but print adds value to our lives, even in the age of the Internet. Print is labels, boxes and flexible plastic packaging that enable companies to distinguish their products on grocery store shelves. Print is books. Not only are print books still more popular than ebooks, the sales of traditional print books have risen with the just over 570 million books sold in the past year.

Indeed, print is all around us every day and in most cases, we are consuming print nearly all day. But what most people don’t consider is how those items are printed – the process and the costs that go into their printed goods. Most printing today is a done using a traditional analog printing process called offset lithography. It has a long and relatively expensive setup, which includes creating printing plates, getting the presses ready and more. If you print a lot of boxes or brochures, the quantities that are printed cover the costs of setup. But there is another process called digital printing. It doesn’t have printing plates or other setup costs, but it has high per-unit costs, is much slower and is really only suited for very small quantities. The challenge is for printers to make a profit when many of their orders are too small for offset printing and too large for digital printing.

But Landa Digital Printing has invented a special printing process called Nanography┬« that bridges this “profitability gap.” These unique presses, called Landa Nanographic Printing┬« Presses, have low setup costs like digital presses but the high speed and productivity of offset presses. While still growing, Landa Digital Printing is looking to push into market segments such as folding carton, flexible packaging, and commercial and eventually the publishing segment. The company is approaching existing printing companies that have traditional analog devices and revenues above 25M$. Landa Digital presses are running 13,000 sheets per hour.

The Landa Group, which is the parent company of Landa Digital Printing, was founded by Benny Landa. Born in Poland in 1946 to Holocaust survivors, Landa and his family immigrated to Canada when he was two years old. After eight years as a carpenter, Benny’s father bought a small tobacco shop and to help make ends meet, he built a photo booth which served as studio and dark room in the back of the shop. Mr. Landa Sr. devised a unique camera that captured the image directly onto photographic paper, avoiding the need for film. This important concept would later take hold as an essential element of digital printing, later introduced by Benny in 1993. In these early days, Benny assisted his father in the darkroom and developed his first invention: a mixer for photographic chemicals.

Landa’s first company, Imtec was created in 1971 and would be the start of what would become his life’s work in the printing world. Landa Digital Printing was founded in 2002. The company’s Headquarters are located in Rehovot, Israel. It was through the help of Conexx, that Landa Digital Printing ended up with its North American offices in Atlanta. “During my due diligence to find the location for the Landa Digital Printing HQ in the states, I was introduced to Conexx President Guy Tessler and he helped me a lot with information, contacts and recommendations”, said Nachum Korman VP & GM for Landa Digital North America.

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