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April 27, 2017
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Featured Israeli Company: Minerva Labs

Mineva Labs logoCybersecurity is a huge problem for many companies. Today, most threats are challenging the ability of security teams to keep up and actually mitigate those risks. Everyday, security professionals see more and more new threats, or “zero day” threats – ones that are completely new and have no set protocols in which to defeat them. Threats lead to more tools being deployed, but with more tools, comes more alerts, some of which might not even be real.

But Minerva Labs has developed a solution that actually delivers prevention, BEFORE detection. Because malware typically waits for the ideal “environment” – one in which anti-malware or security tools are not detected in which to unpack the malicious code.

But Minerva’s Environment Simulation Technology is simple: by creating what the malware determines as an “unsafe” environment, the malware will never release it’s malicious code – it will stay dormant indefinitely. In addition, the Minerva solution works in concert with other security protocols by alerting them of the existence of malware.

Founded in 2014 in Petah Tikva, Israel with offices in Atlanta, Minerva Labs has been turning heads. It has already won an award for the Most Innovative Start Up in Israeli Cyberspace as well as the Most Innovative and Promising Startup at the Hub:Raum Cyber Security Bootcamp 2016.

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