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January 4, 2017
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Featured Israeli Company: PrePex

prepex-cmt-signatureAIDS is one of the worst epidemics of the 21st century. At the end of 2015, over 36 million people worldwide were infected and living with HIV/AIDS. Over the last 30 years, science, education and medical technology have tried to heal and educate the citizens of the world and there are ways to not only treat HIV/AIDS but to try and prevent it as well.Clinical studies have revealed a surprising factor that has a direct effect on HIV infection. Research has proved that male circumcision (MC) actually reduces the risk of contracting heterosexually-acquired HIV by up to 73%. It has also shown that MC has benefits for women by improving hygiene, reducing sexually transmitted diseases and reducing the risk of penile and cervical cancer.

Male circumcision is a topic often overlooked in developed healthcare systems and is most often seen as a religious passage and less of a healthcare benefit. But MC is also an important preventative measure and is providing a successful means of tackling AIDS. And today, in Africa, where 69% of the world’s HIV positive population lives, doctors using innovative Israeli technology to do just that.

Enter PrePex™, the world’s only non-surgical MC device. With the potential to save millions of lives and billions in healthcare expenditures, MC was among the sustainable development goals of UNAIDS, with an aim of performing 27 million circumcisions, in 14 priority countries, by 2021. With that goal in mind, Circ MedTech developed the PrePex™ device to facilitate safe, simple, scalable and cost-effective non-surgical male circumcision as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention plan.

Developed in Israel, PrePex™ is designed for males aged 13 years and older. Once fitted, the patented PrePex™ device creates controlled radial pressure that inhibits blood flow, inducing a closed ischemic process. The disposable, single-use device is worn for just 7 days, after which it is removed – together with the unwanted tissue.

prepex-nurseA PrePex procedure entails no injected anesthesia, no bleeding, and no sutures and can be conducted by minimally-trained healthcare professionals in a non-sterile setting. Moreover, PrePex™ is WHO Prequalified, Class II CE certified and a sterile version for Adult use has received FDA clearance.

To date, over 250,000 PrePex procedures have been performed in 14 countries across Africa and Asia. PrePex is currently looking to create partnerships that will help bring PrePex™ to more people in Africa – for example, by allocating mobile clinics to provide PrePex and related HIV prevention services to the many under-served populations in rural areas.

But PrePex™ can also be beneficial in the US as well. There are nearly 2 million MC procedures performed in the US every year. The ability of PrePex’s non-surgical solution could be a huge benefit to the US healthcare system by simplifying the MC process and relieving physicians of this burden. Moreover, for families considering circumcision of their newborn, PrePex™ will provide a safe, non-invasive option.

HIV/AIDS prevention programs need massive amount support. PrePex believes that the partnerships they have made at Conexx and around the world can help make this innovative Israeli technology accessible for all people and make this an AIDS-FREE world for everyone. To get in touch with PrePex, contact Guy Tessler at (678)274-9699

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