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Featured Israeli Company: Shekeltronix

Shekeltronix logoOne plastic bag can take between 400 and 1,000 years to break down in the environment. Plastic bags are used all over the world. They are cheap to manufacture and often times customers are using more than they need. Even though plastic bag recycling is available, massive amounts of waste still occur and improper disposal of these bags creates major problems for the environment.

But Shekeltronix had developed an original business concept: the development and supply of innovative technologies for retail points-of-sale designed to protect and conserve the environment. Founded in Israel in 2005, Shekeltronix’s solution, the Grab-A-Bag, is aimed at reducing negligence and carelessness in the use of the plastic bags.

The Grab-A-Bag enables the customer to pull out plastic bags one at a time. Connected to the main cash register and equipped with an electronic smartcard, shopping information is relayed to the dispenser and bags are released according to the volume of purchases made. Drastically reducing consumer waste of bags, savings are estimated at 40-50% reduction in plastic bag use. Shekeltronix has installed thousands of machines within one year throughout Israel.

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