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Featured Israeli Company: Splitty Travel

Booking travel, particularly hotel stays is almost always a game of chance. Most people ride an obstacle course of questions including what hotels will be the most affordable and when is the best time to book to ensure low costs. And even after all that, you can’t always guarantee the type of hotel you might you really want or need. But leave it to Israeli ingenuity to help all who travel find the best deals.

Splitty Travel logoSplitty Travel not only takes the guess work out of your hotel bookings, but they actually find you the best and lowest fare possible. The premise is fairly simple: Split your reservation into multiple parts. While most on-line travel and booking sites present much of the same offerings at fairly consistent prices, the Splitty Travel platform is able to dive a bit deeper into your query. The site supplies users with a better deal than other sites by using it’s “split and match” technology to find even more affordable hotel stays by combining different reservation types and dividing or “splitting” your stay into two or more segments.

Founded in 2015, Splitty Travel was created by Avi Wortzel and Eran Shust in Yokneam Ilit, Israel. But the company relocated to Atlanta to be a part of a Techstar accelerator. Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring their new technologies to market, wherever they choose to live. Techstars has various accelerator programs around the world including Tel Aviv, London, Boston, Berlin, Kansas City and many other cities.

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