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Featured Member: Ayelet Gilad  – A.G. Home 4U



Ayelet Gilad has been a Conexx member for over 10 years now. Joining in 2007, she offers Conexx member’s real estate services for their local employees. As a real estate consultant at A.G. Home 4U, her real estate services have helped Israeli and U.S. company’s local employees with their incoming relocation or outgoing relocation.

“We don’t only offer assistance for clients relocating to and out of Atlanta, we have an additional service that is a great benefit for companies outside of Atlanta, helping their employees who need to sell their current home in a different state or need to purchase a home in a new city they are going to,” said Ayelet. “With our vast connections around the U.S., Canada, and many countries, we can find an agent to complete the move to another city, state or country.”

To Ayelet, she finds the importance in being a member of Conexx because it gives massive benefit to its members, by connecting companies and individual members from different industries. “You will get an opportunity to meet people that you would never meet otherwise,” she said.

Speaking of networking, the Gala and networking events are her favorite Conexx events.

“I have found that being a member of Conexx has helped me with my referral business. Going to networking events, I’ve become acquainted with like-minded individuals or companies that appreciate professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the local areas and real estate processes. It’s been a great asset being connected to Conexx.” 

If you’re in need of real estate services for your company, learn more about Ayelet’s business here.         




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