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December 13, 2012
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December 13, 2012
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From the Leadership

As we close out 2012, it is useful to pause and reflect on the year.  For AICC, it was a period of continued success in delivering valued services to Southeast and Israeli companies.  Our strong outreach into the region, particularly South Carolina, are paying off in new members and deals.  Our educational programming continues at a very high level through the expansion of Israel Innovation Impact (I-3) events, offering Israeli companies the opportunity to present to our Southeast audiences using new technology.  Missions to Israel and Israeli delegations to our region drive positive relationships and results.

Yet on the geopolitical front, Israel continues to face hostilities from her neighbors and evident lack of support and understanding from the world community.  This is especially ironic considering it is a small country that contributes both economically and in a humanitarian sense way out of proportion to its size.  On the plus side, our recent US elections showed that no matter who won, Israel is still our country’s most valued ally in the Middle East.

In this holiday season, we wish our Israeli and Southeast members and friends all the best of health, prosperity, and happiness with the hope of greater things to come in 2013!

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