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August 7, 2013
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August 12, 2013
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From the Leadership

Welcome to the August edition of AICCSE’s newsletter.  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to build on the strong foundation and great work done by the Chamber over the course of the past 2+ decades.  At the same time, all of us no doubt recognize the immense changes that take place in the world and in our personal lives from just one year to the next, much less from one generation to the next.  While the Chamber has reassessed its mission and strategies a number of times since its founding, we believe that the time is now particularly ripe to take a close, hard look at what we do and how and why we do it.

More than anything else, taking that close, hard look means listening intently to what you, our stakeholders, have to say.  Whether you are a member, government or non-government partner, Israeli or Southeast company, or simply an individual who is concerned for the welfare of Israel and/or their southern hometown, we want to hear from you.  Over the course of the coming weeks and months, we will be putting into place various mechanisms to facilitate your feedback and request that you give us what is perhaps the most valuable gift of all – your thoughts, ideas, and opinions!

I (Shai) will have one of my first opportunities to talk with important stakeholders as the keynote speaker at next week’s 17th annual Professional Seminar, a half-day program offering case studies, presentations, and panels that exemplify current issues and topics dealing with “US-Israel business.”  At that time, I will be talking about the Chamber’s opportunities and challenges as I see them and more importantly, the critical questions that we collectively must answer to move the AICCSE onward and upwards.

We look forward to seeing you at the Professional Seminar.  For information and to register, scroll down to the article and Events section of the newsletter.

In addition, as one of our first acts as the AICCSE’s new chairman and president, it is our privilege to wish our Jewish members and stakeholders a Happy Jewish New Year.  It is an honor to lead the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, SE Region, and we look forward to working with you throughout 2013-14 and beyond.

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