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October 13, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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From the Leadership

This month’s e-newsletter, featuring a bit of a different look than you have seen before, represents just a small step in what we anticipate will be much larger effort towards making the AICC’s marketing and communication efforts more effective and expansive. At the request of the Chamber’s Executive Committee, a marketing and communications task force was recently established under the leadership of Board member Eric Seidel.

This task force was charged with establishing the recommended parameters of operation of a new AICC marketing and communications committee (MARCOM). The Executive Committee is currently reviewing the task force’s recommendations and within the next few weeks, we fully anticipate that “MARCOM” will be in operation.

We have little doubt that much of the great work that the Chamber does is not being effectively communicated to our members, much less the many people who are not members but who are affected nonetheless, both directly and indirectly, by it. We also believe that the AICC can play a unique role in helping the general public, and in particular, influential business leaders understand the valuable contribution that Israel makes in improving the lives people throughout the world.

We hope that the MARCOM committee will allow the Chamber to undertake initiatives that it otherwise could never consider were it to rely on professional staff only. The committee will be looking for volunteers with a variety of marketing skills: branding, strategy, graphic arts, copyrighting, social media, adverting, and much, much more. If you or someone you know would be prepared to bring their marketing talent to the AICC, please let us know.


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