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From the Leadership 4-2-14

From the Leadership
Shai Robkin
President & CEO
Joel Neuman  

The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region is in the midst of a transformation. In fact, reflecting that transformation, there’s a pretty good chance that in just a couple of months, we will have a new name and with that new name, a new tag line and a new logo. You can be among the first to know by attending our Eagle Star Gala on June 11.

Please be assured that we’re not making changes just for the sake of change. In fact, our vision for the future is being shaped primarily through the identification of opportunities built on the successes of the past. Our Board of Directors has dedicated the majority of its time and energy over the course of these past months to identifying the role the Chamber can most effectively play in a world that has changed so dramatically since its founding. Those efforts were funneled into a strategic planning committee chaired by former AICC Chairman Andre Schnabl, the recommendations of which were approved by the Chamber’s Executive Committeeand Board of Directors last month.

The foundation of our strategic plan is the building and nurturing of long term sustainable relationships supported by an organization that is and is recognized as being a premium brand. Those who know the AICC well, particularly those economic development agencies, both in Israel and the US, that have worked with us for so many years, recognize that this American-Israel business organization is the most effective of its kind in this country. Yet, we recognize at the same time that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the AICC’s potential to connect Americans and Israelis and in so doing, to deliver the greatest possible value to our stakeholders.

Part of what we know we need to do to realize that potential is to find better ways to communicate who we are and the work we are doing in both the US and Israel. Our newly formed Marketing and Communications Committee has begun to explore how we can most effectively do that. In the meanwhile, we will be trying out a number of different things, including our approach to our monthly newsletter. That is why, in fact, this message is coming to you separately from the information that has been contained traditionally in our mid-month newsletter. We will use our mid-month communication to inform you of programs and the work of our Connectors and Committees. And towards the end of the month, we’ll let you know about Israeli companies that are looking to make connections in the U.S.

Please stay tuned. And please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

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