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November 14, 2013
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December 10, 2013
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From the Leadership – November 2013

From the Leadership
Shai Robkin
President & CEO
Joel Neuman  

If ever additional proof was needed to support the old adage of “necessity being the mother of invention,” one need look no further than what has happened in Israel over the course of the past decade in the field of water.  Just in case you missed the press release, Israel, despite the fact that most of its land is desert and that there are few sources of fresh water, no longer has a water shortage.  It’s an incredible accomplishment and all the world is coming to Israel to see it firsthand.


Israel’s water solutions were on full display last month at the bi-annual WATEC conference.  I (Shai) was at Tel Aviv’s Exposition Grounds last month together with thousands from all over the world to explore how to best address what may be mankind’s greatest challenge:  the provision of an adequate supply of quality water for drinking, bathing, agriculture and industry.  A delegation from the state of Texas, awash in oil but desperately short of water, was led by none other than Governor Rick Perry in the hopes of learning Israel’s secret to water success.


A major part of Israel’s water solution picture has been desalinization with over 50% of Israel’s fresh water coming out of the Mediterranean Sea.  But as WATEC so clearly demonstrated, Israel has taken a multi-faceted approach to dealing with the water question, which includes the highest level of waste water reuse and a strong focus on eliminating waste.  As the companies exhibiting at WATEC clearly demonstrate, oftentimes there is no single solution to the big challenge, just a combination of multiple creative approaches that each focus on just one small piece of the larger puzzle.


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