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March 19, 2009
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March 22, 2009
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GreenAnySite and GPV present at AICC Software Committee March meeting

AICC’s March Software Committee meeting was hosted by Gilly Segal of Alston & Bird at their Midtown Atlanta offices. The meeting started with a brief presentation by Gilly on licensing issues during a time of economic downturn from the perspectives of the licensee and the licensor. GreenAnySite and GPV presented their technology followed by a discussion on Israeli Software companies to be recommended to AICC’s Investment Task Force and a follow-up discussion on companies that are currently being assisted by AICC. Twenty three AICC members and staff attended the meeting chaired by Lorin Coles.


Tal Ater,  introduced GreenAnySite, a Ramat HaSharon based company developing an innovative tool that lets online shoppers easily donate a portion of any online purchase to the environment, at no cost to them. The company’s technology is based on using existing business and affiliate marketing practices in an innovative way.

GAS works by offering the user a special link he can bookmark and then click whenever he shops online. That bookmark analyzes the site the user is currently shopping on, and creates an affiliate link back to that page in real-time. By clicking that link back to the store and purchasing something, the user is basically telling that store that GAS sent him to them, and that store pays GAS a percentage of the purchase as a commission this commission is in then donated to environmental organizations. The company currently has the technology to track what users are shopping for in real time, offer extra information relevant to it, and also collect aggregate data over time on shopping habits. A user can choose to publish data on his contributions to his blog, social networks, etc.


Nurit Zelig introduced GPV, a Raanana based business transition and project management consulting company that helps companies avoid business disruption during IT application transformations such as ERP/CRM implementation & upgrade, mergers & acquisition, downsizing and consolidation. GPV designs and manages business wide transition projects in real time shared multi-user system environment allowing real time communication, coordination, visibility, accuracy and efficient project control. The GPV system organizes, defines and calculates dynamic risk levels and covers all aspects of control for management. 

The return on investment using the GPV software and methodology comes from cross organization communication and coordination with efficient time management, short and secured transition period, preserve customers, suppliers, business partners, revenue stream and creating contingency plans to operate your business when failure scenario occurs.


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