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November 11, 2013
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November 11, 2013
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Hospital Beds

Tel Aviv-based company dedicated to enhancing hospital and nursing homes’ abilities to administer medical treatments and to helping prevent caregiver injuries. The company’s advanced technology-based solutions are designed to improve dramatically patient outcome, while reducing costs. The company’s products will reduce care givers injuries and improve quality of life for people who have difficulty performing daily personal care activities, such as getting in and out of bed as well as for the professional nursing staff, caregivers and family members who care for them. The company has a few patents protecting their IP.

Product is a Hospital bed which is actually a medical device with numerous medical benefits. The unique patented technology of this product gives the ability to raise a person to a full standing position and all positions in between, having the one and only Weight Bearing Control System in the market. The Total Lift bed is the most advanced medical bed in the market having all the advanced features of the leading brands and so much more.

Company seeking introduction to hospitals and research partners.


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  1. Ron Yaeli says:

    We are interested in communicating further with you about your products. Based on the information we read on the AICC web site and on your primary web site, we believe we can provide the meaningful and fruitful introductions you are seeking. We reside in Arizona and Southern California. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Ron Yaeli
    Nancy Yaeli

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