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March 4, 2009
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Interview with David Saranga, Israel Consulate: A Twitter Press Conference on Diva Marketing Blog

sarangaAs the recent war in Gaza erupted, new frontiers for new media were explored. On Facebook many Israelis changed their avatars to the national flag, blog posts and comments tried to clarify Israel’s position and on Twitter the latest news came from private citizens and spontaneous initiatives such as QassamCount faster then from main stream media and IDF spokespeople. The officials in charge of explaining the situation from Israeli point of view were early adopters through the IDF YouTube Channel and the Israeli Consulates in the US. David Saranga, Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Israel Consulate in New York grabbed the social networking medium by the horns and ran with it. The highlight was a three hour Twitter press conference (which I followed very closely and actively participated in) that set the tone for how important winning public opinion in the social networking front is.

Atlanta’s Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg¬†Marketing interviewed David Saranga on her blog, Diva Marketing. Read the full¬†Interview with David Saranga, Israel Consulate: A Twitter Press Conference

Guy Tessler


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