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ITC helps companies expand their business presence

Since 2007, Israel-based ITC helps companies expand their business presence, better serve their clients and save on communication costs. ITC is an innovative telephony business solution provider allowing you to become “local” regardless of your physical location. Even when you call your customers, they will see a local CallerID. 

Utilizing advanced telephony technology, ITC provides local dual-channel, toll-free, multi-channels and fax2mail numbers for your incoming calls. Our network’s capabilities include functions such as DISA (call through), Call back, Conference rooms, Voice Mailbox, Dynamic forwarding, VoIP2Skype, and more. This, coupled with the local telephony access, allows us to tailor a solution suite to your exact needs.

The company’s setup and support are delivered at record time with no long-term commitment ever required. They encourage you to test the various possibilities that the system allows.

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Some of the most sought after solutions include:

“Since we are a hidden asset in our clients arsenal, we adhere to strict non-disclosure ethics thus we can not mention any of our clients by name. I thank you for your understanding and sure that you will appreciate once you become one of our clients” said Dave Eden, Sales and Business Development Manager for the company.

Eden added a few test cases in which the company was able to save money for their clients:

–  A client in the financial industry deploying a call-center making and receiving calls from all over the world. The client has identify two main issues that were needed to be addressed. The issues were a relative high cost of communication and low answer rate on its outgoing calls. Being an international calls, many of clients receiving his calls were rejected as it appeared as “Blocked” that’s associated with marketing service. To address the customer’s needs ITC has provide him with local numbers in their countries of operation and our low cost calls rate-sheet. Our unique Dynamic Caller ID system will automatically insert a local Caller ID based on the country dialed. The customers in France will see a French Caller ID and customers in Germany a German Caller ID. This powerful feature has resulted in higher customer willingness to respond to a familiar ID number and the ability to call back our customer at a local cost of call.

– A law firm with offices in many locations globally has reported savings of approximately 40% in their company wide communication costs, once utilized ITC services. Most of the calls between the companies’ offices and traveling personnel are now free or substantially discounted over the cost paid previously. In addition, they enjoy ITC’s low rates, once they have connected their IPBX to ITC network.

– A forex company which utilize our services for their busy call center, incoming and outgoing calls had lately tripled its call center size and had given us exclusivity for all their outgoing and incoming communication measuring call center savings at 30-70 % in calls.

“We are inviting you to improve your international presence by presenting local numbers everywhere your clients are and save big on all types of telephone communications by using our solutions and technologies” concluded Eden.

To start realizing the benefits of ITC, you can contact
Dave Eden at


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