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Israeli “Big Data” Technology Showcased at September I-3 Event

Almost 50 members and guests gathered at IBM in Atlanta on September 13th to explore Israeli innovations around “Big Data”, a key  area that is of keen interest to CIOs, CMOs, and CTOs of major corporations as well as integrators and technology companies today.  Organized by AICC’s new Hi-Tech Committee,  the event featured three Israeli companies that shared their compelling solutions:

    • C-B4 ( is a developer of a system for identifying and analyzing hidden data patterns in large scale data warehouses. The system is particularly suited to the retail trade and customer relations management (CRM).  C-B4 was the winner of IBM’s 2011 SmartCamp Tel-Aviv global competition for startup companies.
    • Personetics ( helps enterprises respond to a major shift in consumer behavior — the channels they use and the service experience they expect. The solution uses automated intelligence and customer data profiles to provide personalized support in the customers’ preferred communication channel — web, mobile, SMS or telephone (IVR).
    • SafePeak ( uses Dynamic Database Caching to resolve information access bottlenecks and latency without any change to existing applications or databases.  Developed a pioneering solution that gives instant acceleration of performance and scalability to existing information applications and systems.

The audience also benefitted from the keynote of Mike Nobles, Consulting Solution Specialist-Advanced Warehousing Team at IBM.  Following the presentations, the audience had the opportunity to rate the Israeli companies in an interactive session and discuss interest in following up with them.  According to the Hi-Tech Committee’s chairman, Adam Coffsky (Gartner), “Big Data is growing fast as organizations devote technology resources to tapping into the volumes of data flowing into their organizations, both internally and externally, in the form of social media and a myriad of legacy sources.  With all the attention on advanced analytics for big data, this was an exceptional opportunity to learn what is truly important and why this is more than mere hype.”

This was the first of a quarterly series being organized by the Hi-Tech Committee, and the next one on “Mobility” is being scheduled for December 13th.  In addition to IBM as the host sponsor, the event’s co-sponsors were Consulate General of Israel, American Israel Educational Institute, Israel Economic Office to the US South, Metro Atlanta Chamber, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and TAG.  Corporate sponsor for the Hi-Tech Committee’s quarterly I? series is Alston & Bird.  For sponsorship information, contact Barry Swartz (


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